Reminders from The Economist Style Guide

It’s among, not amongst.

It’s birth rate, not birthrate.

It’s BlackBerry, not Blackberry.

It’s Côte d’Ivoire, not the Ivory Coast.

It’s cyberspace, not cyber-space.

It’s eastern Europe, not Eastern Europe.

It’s e-mail, not email.

It’s EU-27, not EU 27.

It’s gross domestic product, not Gross Domestic Product.

It’s  home-owner, not homeowner.

It’s home page, not homepage.

It’s moratoriums, not moratoria.

It’s multilingual, not multi-lingual.

It’s Mumbai, not Bombay.

It’s internet, not Internet.

It’s I.M. Pei, not IM Pei.

It’s oilrig, not oil rig.

It’s online, not on-line.

It’s the pope, not the Pope.

It’s subprime, not sub-prime.

It’s ultra-violet, not ultraviolet.

It’s Unicef, not UNICEF.

It’s Wal-Mart, not Walmart.

It’s website, not web site.

My contribution:

It’s WordPress, not W o r d p r e s s . (Those smart WordPress people will automatically correct the lower case ‘p’ unless I space out the letters.)


6 responses to “Reminders from The Economist Style Guide

  1. Interesting how many of these words are spelled differently in the U.S. Also, I thought Walmart changed its name years ago and that Wal-Mart should be used in only a few official references.

  2. That’s a nice article, thanks, will be tweeting it later.
    Was always confused about the internet/Internet example.

    Many publications have similar guidelines which are made available to the public. I think it’s a good idea to check these guidelines as they can be a great way of helping you tailor your content to specific national audiences.

    For example The Economist is British and so its guidelines can be adopted for content aimed at a UK audience, a US or Canadian publication will have different rules more in line with US English and an Australian publication different rules again.

  3. Great post thanks.

    Just wondering, in what instances is it correct to abbreviate things like “gross domestic product” and write “GDP” instead?


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