My one resolution for 2011

Since I tend to avoid spooky tasks, I have made one promise:
Do real work instead of keeping busy.

Seth Godin says it better in his post called Measuring busy-ness….

Here’s to a happy, healthy and rewarding 2011! How do you feel about this brand new year? Have you made any resolutions?


2 responses to “My one resolution for 2011

  1. I think we all have some of those “busy” days where we don’t achieve that much in the end. I’ve had a few during the last two weeks. Generally they happen when the pressure is not on and the deadline is generous…then you know you can check Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. and read a few interesting blogs (like yours by the way…). It’s all part of “work”, but let’s face it, it is definitely not “real work”. ☺

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I try to do what really needs to get done first thing in the morning. Otherwise I’d spend the most productive part of my day trying to read everyone’s tweets. Happy New Year Nathalie :)

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