A ♥ for language blogs

Figuring out how to get the “♥” symbol was not as hard as I expected—and so this post was born.

Judy and Dagmar Jenner triggered off an agreeable wave of  “A ♥ for Language Blogs” on Translation Times. Impeccable timing. After the industrious months of May and June, business has slowed, and I’ve had extra time to explore a few of these ♥-ed blogs.

Let me share a few of my favourite language blogs. They’re more about business writing than translation. I like

As for translation blogs, I’ll just flood you with about a hundred good blogs with this list of lists. Roundups entitled “A ♥ for language blogs” can be read from the likes of

♥ Eline Van De Wiele


♥ Michelle Hof


♥ Abigail Dahlberg


♥ Michael Wahlster


♥ Kevin Lossner


♥ Katherine Osgood


♥ Silvina Jover-Cirillo


♥ Alexandra Milcic Radovanovic


♥ Jill Sommer


♥ Lisa Carter


Happy reading. Comments appreciated.


8 responses to “A ♥ for language blogs

  1. Hi Catherine! You weren’t kidding about providing about a hundred language blogs with your links… Wow. I’ve got my work cut out to get through these, but I’m sure it will be worth it! So many blogs I didn’t know. I do, however, already follow most of the writing blogs you do.
    Really appreciate the link to my own list of loved language blogs. ;-)

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Thanks for this post! I accidentally and irrevocably erased my RSS subscription list two days ago, so this round-up will help in getting them all back and a few others besides.
    Thanks very much for the mention, too.

  3. May I mention my blog for French linguists? – http://www.Le-mot-juste-en-anglais.com

    Thank you.
    Jonathan Goldberg

  4. Thanks for participating! We are happy to let you know that you are one of our randomly chosen winners. We will send you one of our books. Please send your mailing address to judy.jenner@twintranslations.com. Thanks and congrats!

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