About Catherine Jan


I’m a French to English translator at www.translate-traduire.com. Originally from southern Ontario, Canada. Now living in France, across the street from a bakery. Member of the SFT, la Société française des traducteurs.


I translate websites and news articles.


At home, in the Parisian burbs, on kitchen table.


I translate so I can make myself useful while doing something I love.


I translate best very early in the morning.


I turn off Twitter, read related texts, translate, and revise madly.

My website is at www.translate-traduire.com and you can reach me at info @ translate-traduire.com.

Also, you may want to see my profile on LinkedIn or read my tweets on Twitter. If you can read French, Isabelle Prigent interviewed me about my freelance career on her blog.

Catherine Jan


Above portrait photo by Xavier Curtat.

Banner photo of Shakespeare and Company bookshelf by Charlie Mercier.