Guest Posts

Catherine Translates is looking for guest bloggers

I’d like to publish more about other people’s experiences so I’m looking for translator-bloggers to write guest posts.

Contributors will get links back to their websites, help out other translators, and gain visibility. Every day, this blog gets from 20 to 720 views.

Guest post guidelines:

  • Write something a freelance translator would want to read.
  • Write cornerstone content that comprehensively covers your subject.
  • Write a minimum of 800 words.

Over the past month, I’ve come across these three excellent—and very long­—blog posts. This is the enthusiasm I’m looking for:

I don’t interpret, I’m not a techie, and I’m not fabulous and mobile—yet these posts struck a chord. They are delightful inside peeks into the worlds of colleagues.

What should you write about?

I’d like to read less about

  • low rates
  • evil agencies
  • lack of appreciation for translators

I’d like to read more about

  • translating for mobile devices
  • professional development
  • SEO and translation
  • copywriting
  • NYU online translation certificate
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • social media
  • voice recognition software
  • ProZ membership

Feel free to suggest other subjects. You can send me an outline.

Not a native speaker of English?

If you need editing in English, I have many red pens on hand. I’ll send you back an edited version for approval.

What next?

Submit your post (or outline) and a short bio to Thank you.


5 responses to “Guest Posts

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  2. Great idea. And do you want to know about videogame localisation? :) Because if that is so, I am your girl ;)

  3. Please get in touch by email Curri :)

  4. Catherine,

    I just read you would like to know more about the NYU certificate. I took the Intro class. I can send you an e-mail if you are interested :)

  5. Hi Silvina,
    Let’s talk by email!

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